Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

My other blogs

Yup.. Long way no other written post by me in here. Because i usually at my LJ (LiveJournal) account.

Well, i prefer LJ because i "usually" follow discussion-forum in bleachness. You can check it in my LJ account:

but sorry.. Just Friends ONLY! You must have LJ account to see my other post.
But actually, i want to edit it ASAP so you can read my post without LJ account XD. Mostly in my native language Bahasa Indonesia :D
Besides that, i've tumblr too :

but i rarely post in there because my phone is SUCKS!
.... fact, my cellphone is not the problem. But tumblr can't (difficult actually) to write a post from cellphone. Really not easy job. Because i don't have internet on my computer, and MUST write my blog in my cellphone. My hands usually feel tired (can you imagine that? And my phone isn't QWERTY type!)

yeah enough perhaps~

ur cute master-~
sweetieebunny XD

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  1. I didn't know that blogspot can't post a link. So copy-paste it. To your URL~ XP