Sabtu, 11 April 2009

My ordinary life V

Wupz wupz..
Kmaren ultah.y my Pops n Rhea. Pops ngajak aq abis plg lia k lucky square maen d game master ampe tangan aq pegel2. Sial! Tp ga pa2, aq jd juara tak wkt tanding maen permainan mobil simulator.. Hahaha..
Trz udh gitu makan timbel, lmyn mahal satu porsi.y tp enak koq!
Ya sekarang tinggal Rhea.. Hehehe..

Btw, akhir.y "Damage" d update ch. 10! Gilee meettt!! Rame bgt! Wkwkwkwk aq ngakak bgt bca.y.. 'Finally, they figured it out!' hahaha..

Aduh, aq blm ngerjain pr aq..

Ja Ne!

ur the suckest master
*.* v

Jumat, 10 April 2009

My ordinary life IV

Well, a full week of VACATION!!!
Yuhuuu,,,^,^ v

it's 'cause of Mon 'till Wed 3rd grade faced pre-UAN in three days, Thrusday "Pemilu", Friday "Paskah"... Annndddd Eeng Iing Eeng... I'm FREEEE.. lol..

Ok. It has a lot of things to do such as cleaning my messy room, wash my many clothes, wipe off, go to WARNET, watching my DVD's, reading Breaking Dawn n a bunch of fanfics also comics, sulking to my mother (asking for money! Hey! Don't blame me.. If u in vacation n u don't have money, u will feel suck, right?Lol..), sleeping 'till intoxicated (Bah!), listening my new mp3 (thanks for Wcee,,^_^), blah blah blah blah, etc...

Btw, i watched dorama "Dragon Sakura" n that's very awesome dorama! Wuuphzz.. Still YamaPxNagasawa Masami. They're the best pairing EVER! They're vey compatible. I loved them play in "Proposal Daisakusen" dorama. So touchhyyy.. But still IchiRuki is the most ever-endless pairing I loved very much!!

Hummm,, tomorrow is my Pops (Dad) n Rhea's birthday!!! Happy birthday to u both! I love u both sooo muucchhh... Humm,, i still have no idea to give a present to them. What am i must doing now???

ur insane master

PS :
"BLACK CAT" is so awesome!