Minggu, 21 Juni 2009

My freakin' day III

Dearest my chick journal,(upss..)

I write this journal when my bro n pops play soccer(?) at livingroom. Insane huh? But it's their habits n i just watch it..

Lots of things that happened this week!

1. Two days ago when i opened my facebook, i saw that BITCH (i call her that cuz she's a TRAITOR!!) had added that guy (u-must-know-who) faster than me!!! Then, i added him too (with devil-speed) n after that i threw my lovely-cute handphone!!! Can u imagine that? "Nona Intan" felt anger cuz of "a GUY"??? In truth, i'd loved him in the past.. At least, that guy had added me too. I only said, "Ck! Screw u bitch!" (i owe u to tell the true story.. Later..)

2. "The Sims 2" makes me insane!!! Because i don't have dvd in my computer to install it. Luckily rhea has the CD's. I'm so glad.. But serial numb. was the real problem. I searched in google n i got it.. (simple huh!). But when i installed it, cd numb. 3 n 4 couldn't read them. Finally, i just bought the new cd numb. 3 n 4... Eh... When i installed it again (it'd 97 persent) my comp. wrote(said).. "The Data/Res/bla..bla..bla cannot copy..the problem is in media." ARRGHH! Screw it!

3. I lied to my mom.. (u know why...)

4. Yesterday, i'd faced Oral Test n my friend said that my score is 4. Duh. It's awesome u know! (cuz the highest score is 5..)

** i want to tell u more but i cannot think again. Ah.. I want to sleep~

ur lovely-beautiful(hello..) master,

Tiara Intan

PS : i don't know if i have any grammatical mistakes.. Sorry for that..
~,~ v

Selasa, 16 Juni 2009

My freakin' day II

Ya.. 2hr lalu udh selesai tuh uas. Cuma satu kata "SETANNN!!!"

nih ya akhirnya pelajaran nona intan yg d her..
1. Biologi (tp udh beres kemaren)
2. FISIKA (gila lah cm kurang 2.. Dammit!!)

yg laen.y wallohuallam..

Ah.. Ya allah.. Kenapa aq tdk bisa plajaran eksak? Sucks.

Oh well..
Mw gimanapun jg hidup tuh ada perjuangan.y.. Ga ada hidup yg enak2an j klu ingin sukses mah. Jalani sajah dgn pantang menyerah y.. Hehe

sbnr.y ingin nulis yg panjang tp bny kata2 yg g bisa di ungkapin nih bwt d blog ini..

Pokok.y sekarang sy lg gloomy nih!

Ur moody lady
~miss thanzuu!

PS : 'Boys Before Flower' is awesome