Minggu, 21 Juni 2009

My freakin' day III

Dearest my chick journal,(upss..)

I write this journal when my bro n pops play soccer(?) at livingroom. Insane huh? But it's their habits n i just watch it..

Lots of things that happened this week!

1. Two days ago when i opened my facebook, i saw that BITCH (i call her that cuz she's a TRAITOR!!) had added that guy (u-must-know-who) faster than me!!! Then, i added him too (with devil-speed) n after that i threw my lovely-cute handphone!!! Can u imagine that? "Nona Intan" felt anger cuz of "a GUY"??? In truth, i'd loved him in the past.. At least, that guy had added me too. I only said, "Ck! Screw u bitch!" (i owe u to tell the true story.. Later..)

2. "The Sims 2" makes me insane!!! Because i don't have dvd in my computer to install it. Luckily rhea has the CD's. I'm so glad.. But serial numb. was the real problem. I searched in google n i got it.. (simple huh!). But when i installed it, cd numb. 3 n 4 couldn't read them. Finally, i just bought the new cd numb. 3 n 4... Eh... When i installed it again (it'd 97 persent) my comp. wrote(said).. "The Data/Res/bla..bla..bla cannot copy..the problem is in media." ARRGHH! Screw it!

3. I lied to my mom.. (u know why...)

4. Yesterday, i'd faced Oral Test n my friend said that my score is 4. Duh. It's awesome u know! (cuz the highest score is 5..)

** i want to tell u more but i cannot think again. Ah.. I want to sleep~

ur lovely-beautiful(hello..) master,

Tiara Intan

PS : i don't know if i have any grammatical mistakes.. Sorry for that..
~,~ v

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